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mi na kakne lo ka semairitai,yr
lo vi plino djica lo nu se uikipidias mleca cafne i ku'i junri lo du'u ko'a kakne lo nu na zukte tai da

li re cu te seksi i zmadu li no

cu 14 klesi be lo danlu:

  • za'u ta ku'o le nolraitru
  • lo cu morsi ku'i pu catlu xamgu
  • lo cu ctuca lo ka zukte da lo prenu
  • citno xarju mamta pinxe lo ladru
  • finpe ninmu
  • lo melbi
  • cilce gerku
  • ti poi zvati ti li'a
  • lo ka muvgau ru'u tai lo nu za'u ko'a pu fengu
  • so'i drata
  • lo ka'e pu kansa lo mutce cinla ciska me'u cabra
  • li'o
  • lo zi porpi lo xrula vasru
  • lo i darno kei simlu lo ka se nelci lo bifce

Articles[stika ti | stika lo krasi]

Lojban spelling reform proposal[stika ti | stika lo krasi]

  • Glides i and u between vowels are considered consonants and thus are expressed via distinct letters:
    • i => ɩ
    • u => w
  • Diphthongs that act like other "pure" vowels are expressed via distinct letters:
    • au => ǎ
    • ai => ą
    • ei => ę
    • oi => ǫ
  • in other positions i and u are retained as they are in the original Latin orthography.
  • As the comma is unneeded, it is removed.
  • The symbol "h" unconditionally replaces the apostrophe.
  • The symbol "q" replaces the dot in cases where it represents the glottal stop.
  • The capital vowels used to indicate non-standard emphasis are removed and replaced with their lowercase equivalents.
  • All capital letters imply a <.> in front. In name words, the right <.> is removed. <.> is used as a sentence separator.
  • Punctuation marks can be used to enhance written text to ease readability, and are to be ignored by parsers. Punctuation does not replace structure words.

cavalerfu la jbobau (𐑖𐑨𐑝𐑨𐑤𐑧𐑮𐑓𐑵 𐑤𐑨 𐑠𐑚𐑴𐑚𐑬)[stika ti | stika lo krasi]

  • 𐑨 (a/a)
  • 𐑲 (ai/ą)
  • 𐑬 (au/ǎ)
  • 𐑚 (b)
  • 𐑖 (c)
  • 𐑛 (d)
  • 𐑡 (dj)
  • 𐑞 (dz)
  • 𐑧 (e)
  • 𐑱 (ei/ę)
  • 𐑓 (f)
  • 𐑜 (g)
  • 𐑣 ('/h)
  • 𐑰 (i)
  • 𐑘 (i/ɩ)
  • 𐑿 (iu)
  • 𐑠 (j)
  • 𐑒 (k)
  • 𐑤 (l)
  • 𐑥 (m)
  • 𐑯 (n)
  • 𐑴 (o)
  • 𐑶 (oi/ǫ)
  • 𐑐 (p)
  • · (./q)
  • 𐑮 (r)
  • 𐑕 (s)
  • 𐑑 (t)
  • 𐑗 (tc)
  • 𐑔 (ts)
  • 𐑵 (u)
  • 𐑝 (v)
  • 𐑢 (u/w)
  • 𐑙 (x)
  • 𐑩 (y)
  • 𐑟 (z)
  • Stress is not marked; most words that require stress-marking are loanwords.
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Shavian Nun.svgShavian Oil.svgBlanksvg.svgShavian Zoo.svgShavian Eat.svgShavian Fee.svgShavian Roar.svgShavian Egg.svgBlanksvg.svgShavian Vow.svgShavian Roar.svgShavian Eat.svgShavian Sure.svgShavian Ado.svgShavian Measure.svgShavian Ooze.svgShavian Nun.svgShavian Sure.svgShavian Kick.svgShavian Ooze.svg

Other stuff[stika ti | stika lo krasi]

  • la ranto/𐑤𐑨 𐑮𐑨𐑯𐑑𐑴
  • sumabau - proof that Tokipona wasn't an original idea (but again, Lojban isn't that original either - Loglan, aUI, and John Wilkins' Real Character (one of the first conlangs) all predate it; Loglan definitely inspired Lojban, and I think that Wilkins' conlang may have inspired Loglan). I like this feature (which isn't in EO, JBO, Tokipona, and many other conlangs, which instead mutate English words beyond recognition): "If a needed word doesn't exist in the official word-list, Russell recommends that one use the corresponding English word: "ma soki PENICILLIN te sama poma vogo" = I think penicillin is (a) very good drug."

lo plino poi cu selcmene .lojbanist. do vimcu lo bakni fi lo tsina 15:14, 30 martio 2018 (UTC)