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.i la'o zoi. Wikipedia .zoi krasi

Thanks for the page on madjan. It's one of my favorite games (that and go). Now in Lojban! - 10:40, 25 la vomast. 2008 (UTC)

I understad that you wrote camxes, the lojban peg parser in java. I want to use it to parse the articles automatically with logobot. The only thing that stops me from doing it is that camex doesn't accept unicode. I can't parse things like "mi nelci la'o sy español sy". I would prefer to discuss this #lojban , if you can specify a time that would be great. --.i mu'o mi'e .omologos. 01:56, 2 la somast. 2009 (UTC)

my contribution to camxes (from CAMgusmis-xorXES) was the morphology section [1]. I didn't write the parser in java, and I don't think camgusmis (a.k.a. Robin Lee Powell) did either. He converted the EBNF grammar into a PEG version [2]. Not sure who did write the java but probably someone in #lojban can tell you. I expect modifying it to accept any unicode character should be really easy though, it will only affect whatever the PEG "." symbol can match. Xorxes 17:42, 2 la somast. 2009 (UTC)