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Should the Latin taxonomic terms such as "chordata" and "animalia" have entries here? Those two, and possibly others, already exist as redirects. My opinion is that, being Latin, they don't belong as headwords in a Lojban-language encyclopaedia. Furthermore, since we seem to be generating Lojban words for all the taxonomic classifications, these Lojban words should appear, linked, in taxoboxes, alongside the Latin. 15:13, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC) (This is Zefram, from yet another IP address.)

Biologists, no matter what their native language, use Latin words as scientific names. Not every scientific name has a common name equivalent, which is why {la'o} was invented. Some common names (such as {bifce}, which refers to all Apocrita except ants) don't correspond to any taxon. So some articles will have a scientific name for a title. -Pier 16:06, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC)
In that case, shouldn't such articles have "la'o" in the title? 16:21, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC)
They will be capitalized, whereas all Lojban-named articles will be all lowercase (once the cap switch is turned off, and except for a few cmene), so collision is unlikely. The reason for redoing taxobox format with templates is so that one can copy a taxobox to any other Wikipedia and it will be localized. The Lojban text in those articles, of course, will have "la'o". -Pier 18:18, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC)

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