.i la'o zoi. Wikipedia .zoi krasi

    lo talno cu skuba'u zoi ty" Peano "ty zoi sy" PE,a,no "sy ji zoi sy" pe,A,no "sy? mu'omi'e Pier 15:57, 14 cnf 2004 (UTC)

    The article uses "se sruma" to describe axioms. The first place of "sruma" (person assuming) seems inappropriate. I think we need a lujvo for "axiom", with a place structure such as "x1 (du'u) is axiomatically true about subject x2 under formalism x3". Or can a formalism, rather than an actor, take the x1 place of "sruma"? 21:18, 16 cnf 2004 (UTC)

    • I think x1 of "sruma" could be Peano, thus making the phrase "le se sruma be la PE,anos". A possible lujvo is "cmuje'u". -Pier 00:53, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC)
      • Peano only proposed these axioms, he didn't necessarily assume them. The x1 of sruma would have to be Peano's postulates, rather than Peano himself. I like "cmuje'u": "j1=c1 is axiomatically true under epistemology/formalism j2 about subject c2". 10:21, 17 cnf 2004 (UTC) (For clarity: and are the same person, Zefram.)

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