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lo se plipe ckupau, sisku

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KSFT[stika lo krasi]

I'm not fluent in Lojban (yet), so I'm going to type this in English.

This Wikipedia is tiny, and no one seems to be active. I want to translate more articles from enwiki, get rid of the vandalism here, and make this Wikipedia more active in general. The only admin here, who is also the only bureaucrat here, seems to be inactive, so I want to become an admin. I have been mostly active on enwiki, but I really want to make the Lojban one better. Reply here if you object. KSFT (talk) 11:47, 25 septembero 2015 (UTC)

.i mi troci lonu fanva de'u lo jbobau lo glico de'e

.i cmacma fa lo jbobau me la .uikipedias. .i no da zukte fi tu'a la .uikipedias. pe ti .i mi djica lonu fanva lo papri ku keiku .i .admine fa pa da noi vajny'admine .i na zukte .i mi djica lonu mi .admine .i mi pu zukte fi tu'a la .uikipedias. pe lo glico .i djica lonu la .uikipedias. pe ti xauzma gau mi .i do toltu'i .ijo ko spuda KSFT (talk) 02:44, 1 oktobero 2015 (UTC)

- Symbol support vote.svg tugni Durka42 (talk)

mi na .admine (to ja'o mi na ka'e gasnu lo nu do .admine toi) .i ku'i li'a sarcu fa lo nu su'o da .admine lo jbobau uitki gi'e je'a gunka tu'a ri .i za'a do se slabu lo uitki cuntu .i ja'o .a'o do snada lo ka .admine --Selpahi (talk) 10:51, 1 oktobero 2015 (UTC)
mi puzi gasnu PierreAbbat (talk) 04:11, 3 oktobero 2015 (UTC)

archiv[stika lo krasi]

Homo logos[stika lo krasi]

I want to become an administrator in this wiki. You can see my contributions here. Please reply here telling whether you approve of me. --.i mu'o mi'e .omologos. 23:35, 7 la somast. 2009 (UTC)

For what it's worth, I approve. You've contributed so much content to this wiki that I'm confident you'll continue to improve it. And it would be really nice to have someone to fix some of the interface translations. (E.g., Toc.) Hussell 14:34, 9 la somast. 2009 (UTC)
Thanks for your approval, I have already been promoted --.i mu'o mi'e .omologos. 15:26, 9 la somast. 2009 (UTC)

Przemub[stika lo krasi]

Hi! I requesting temporary adminship here, because we have a lot of problems whose repair requires the administrator (administrator has recently appeared in June last year!). These include:

  • lots of copyvio, which requires the removal
  • protected, ugly home page
  • untranslated some internal MediaWiki messages
  • typos in MediaWiki messages

Sincerely, Przemub (casnu) 17:41, 3 ianvari 2012 (UTC) PS. Use, please, {{tugni}} and {{na tugni}} templates.

  • Symbol support vote.svg tugni Karire 18:30, 3 ianvari 2012 (UTC)
Granted on Meta by PeterSymonds. Przemub (casnu) 09:36, 10 ianvari 2012 (UTC)