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== cpedu ==
=== [[User:Przemub|Przemub]] ===
Hi! I requesting temporary adminship here, because we have a lot of problems whose repair requires the administrator (administrator has recently appeared in June last year!). These include:
* lots of copyvio, which requires the removal
* protected, ugly home page
* untranslated some internal MediaWiki messages
* typos in MediaWiki messages
Sincerely, [[User:Przemub|Przemub]] ([[User talk:Przemub|casnu]]) 17:41, 3 ianvari 2012 (UTC) PS. Use, please, ''<tt><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:tugni|tugni]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></tt>'' and ''<tt><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[Template:na tugni|na tugni]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></tt>'' templates.
== archiv ==
=== [[User:Homo logos|Homo logos]] ===