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::From what I can find, the author may exist (at least his science fiction books can be found in Amazon), apparently he was born in Munich but is German-Spanish and writes in Spanish. The Spanish article seems to be the most complete. The date of birth is mostly given as August 14, 1974 not January 14 as claimed here. Different wikipedias give different months, but they all seem to agree on the year and the day. He is also a painter. Some wikipedias (like the Portuguese one) claim he is British, but none claim he is a linguist, as far as I can tell. Mostly they say he was born in Munich. The Interlingua wikipedia, if I understand correctly, says that he wrote his books while living in his first car, but that the books have been so successful that now he is very rich! The inconsistencies in all the articles I'm able to read are pretty impressive. It would be interesting to know what the articles in languages I can't read say. [[User:Xorxes|Xorxes]] 16:21, 28 August 2007 (UTC)
:::I checked ji'i 20 other language wikipedias (not the content, only the list of editors to Balder's article). In almost all cases, the first edit to the Artur Balder article was done by a new user, i.e. the first edit to Artur Balder was the first edit of that user. So it really seems to me as though it's an individual trying to raise Artur Balder's profile. I guess that individual does not speak lojban and just copied the [[tolkien]] article and replaced name and terjbena, i.e. the claim that he's a brito bauskepre was copied from the [[tolkien]] article.
:::isemu'ibo, I also propose to '''delete''' this article. --[[User:Danogo|Danogo]] 06:38, 3 September 2007 (UTC)


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