casnu lo pilno:

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.i la'o zoi. Wikipedia .zoi krasi

Why are you doing this? Because this is hilarious. Stop your reversions, and I will stop my vandalism, and we can talk about a perminant cease fire.

It is hard to see how doing tedious vandalism is hilarious, and as you can see, I've stopped for the moment ... I don't understand your desire for a cease fire though; you'll either stop causing problems, or you won't. But if you'd like, let me know what you intend or what you mean, and I will listen.

I'd like to know why someone would spend the time learning such a useless language.

We don't think it is useless; it is however, a long way from a full-fledged language. For me, it helps me think more clearly about what I am trying to say.

And for the record, the vandalism is not tedius. All I do is several repetative keyboard commands when I see a page I have not vandalized, and It is vandalized in less than a second. If it were tedius, would I have been able to complete so much work in so little time?

You have 1 minute to respond before my vandalism resumes.

Sure, you can do lots of tedious work in a short time. If you don't feel it so, that's your opinion.

I've vandalized nearly the entire lojban wikipedia in less than a night. I feel that to be an achievement. It's a GOAL I set for myself. I sit and watch TV and vandalize this. I enjoy the tactile sensation of such labour, but I'm considering scripting it. Lojban is such a frivilous language anyway. One might as well learn klingon, or some other fairy tale language that someone pretends to believe is important. My question to you is: Why would you spend hours, even days of your time learning such a language, when so few speak it?

Why do you spend hours, even days watching TV and typing on a computer? Because you want to. As I said before, I study lojban, and practice it here, because I believe it helps me think more clearly. Others have different reasons. Some are linguists looking interested in the Sapir-Whorf theorm; others consider it a useful language because it is unambiguous; some are interested because it's an easier language for a computer to use than English; others because they think it would make a good international language (I don't)

I do not see the apology I asked for.

You make me sick.

I appear to be confused. What do you want me, or anyone else to apologize for?

I want an appology for blanking my talk page, I want an appology for your lack of respect, and in any further communication, I want you to refer to me as "admiral".

I don't believe I blanked your talk page, but if I did, that's one thing I'm sorry for. (Oh yes, I removed what you complained about; feel free to change it back if you like). Respect for someone so destructive, or the title 'admiral' seems neither likely nor deserved at this point.

You should have begun your sentance "Admiral, I don't believe I blanked your talk page...", but I will forgive you this once, you seem fairly ignorant. Do not let it happen again. Address me with the proper respect, and I will leave my task unfinished, otherwise...

Well at least you are funny :-) There's no point in giving you what you want though, because you'd find some other reason to continue your task. Trust and respect are earned, and demands for them are simply childish.

All I ask for is a little bit of groveling. Ask me nicely, addressing me as I have stated, with respect, admiration, and a twinge of worship, and I will discontinue and proceed to bed. I give you my word.

I guess you'll have to stay up a bit later tonight. For now, I'll just watch. You're pretty fast, being able to vandalize 5 pages per minute ... You've convinced me that I'd never keep up with that.

Before I had vandalized most of the pages on this wiki, I could do it far faster, now it's a chore to find an unvandalized page.

So it's a real challenge now. Maybe we should have left more orphaned pages to make it harder and more fun for you. I'll be impressed if you can find those.

I simply hit alt+x until I find an unvandalized page. It's crude, but it gets the job done.

Is that the random page selector?

That it is.

You may begin your cleanup soon, 5 or 10 more pages and I will go to bed for the night. Tomorrow I will write the script that will do this automatically once a week. On different IPs of course.

Unless of course, you'd be willing to do as I have asked of you.

You do present an interesting problem. You might find someone else who will, but I wouldn't do what you ask. Perhaps you'll get more amusement out of programming than fiddling.

Well, I'm done for the night. Have fun cleaning up.

to mi'e bobas toi mkay, look. this is really nothing to worry about. we'll simply ban this ip, and revert everthing, and if you set up a script to do this again every week or whatever, we'll simply ban you again as soon as you start spamming pages. with a script, if necessary. we will not give in to these stupid childish demands.

stifynsemons: my rational is that we'll have to learn to deal with this sort of thing sooner or later, and i figure sooner is better. besides, they may be bluffing; who knows. mi'e bobas 07:28, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Whoever it is does not appear to know much about wikipedia, and has already left a non-anonymous IP trace. Oops. If he/she comes back, there are procedures for dealing with that. It will be interesting to see if he/she knows more about programming than wikipedia.

The first is:

The user of is officially warned to cease vandalism on this site. (As if this wasn't obvious already)

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