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mi jimpe fi zo kevna .enai zo zunti .i naldra xu rafsi? .i pujeca zasti fa lo tarmi beme'e lu na mulno li'u mu'omi'e Pier 15:09, 19 January 2006 (UTC)

Sorry Pierre for not writing in Lojban, but I am not a proficient Lojban speaker yet. I have asked a question about {kevzu'i} in the Beginners Mailing List, but you don't look like a receiver of that. {zunti} can also mean "to block, to obstruct, to baffle", as gismu list says. The problem is that {kevna} is not a process or event, and I don't know how to walk around this. I don't like {na mulno} because English Wikipedia uses "stubs", and not "not yet complete"-s. Yanis Batura, 20 Jan 2006

Ah. So you translated "stub" as "hole plug", which doesn't have much to do with "something that may develop into an article" to me. Translating metaphors into completely difficult languages is tricky. How about {tsiju}? I thought of {tarbi}, but it doesn't have a place for what it develops into. Btw, I got the two words mixed up and was thinking of {kunti}. -Pier 15:35, 29 January 2006 (UTC)